"Huf" glove box locks

100% trustable , 100% rattle free , hi quality glove box door lock . # 100% rattle free (no collar to body free play) # securing collar is cnc made (computerized numerical control) not a cheap brass cast with a lot of thread play . # rear tear drop has been laser cut # each set comes with 2 "y" profile "huf" style keys # you can order this set of locks with the same code of my "L" rear decklid locking handles and my door handle cylinders. $300 /set plus shipping , 250 if you buy anything else from me

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1 x Black bakelite door buffers/scrutcheons "standard"
1 x Split Beetle interior mirror
1 x Ivory bakelite horn button "deluxe"
1 x Split choke cable
1 x Split Dash Ashtray
1 x Ivory bakelite window winder knobs "deluxe"
1 x Black bakelite window winder knobs "standard"
1 x Split Gear Shift Knob
1 x Horn button chrome bezel
1 x Split Beetle Interior Domelight Assy
1 x Ivory bakelite , door buffers/scrutcheons "deluxe"
1 x Split Dash Ashtray collar
1 x 50 to 51 Interior light lense
1 x 52 to 55 and Zwitter window winders, black knob "standard"
1 x Split Beetle pod switch knobs
1 x 50 to 52 , Split Horn Button Assembly
1 x 52 to 55 and Zwitter window winders, ivory knob "deluxe"
1 x Split Beetle Standard Mirror
1 x Split beetle Dash ashtray knob
1 x Split Front Hood Cable
1 x Kombi Barndoor /Samba interior mirror
1 x barndoor sunvisor
1 x 52/53 barndoor tail light lenses
1 x 55/57 U.S. spec , "sbl 17" tail light lenses
1 x Barndoor door`s window sliding latch
1 x 54/55 barndoor tail light lenses
1 x Barndoor and up to 58 "snowflake" short kick panels
1 x barndoor licence light stop light reflector/bulbholder
1 x Hella "k2670" third brake red lense
1 x 54/55 barndoor tail light set
1 x 50/51 barndoor tail light lenses
1 x Barndoor "frese" k1282" RED CRYSTAL reflector
1 x 50/51 barndoor taillight set
1 x 52/53 barndoor tail light set
1 x up to 1955 Barndoor sealed beam headlight lenses
1 x Early Barndoor Deluxe short kick panel
1 x bus , barndoor , taillight seals
1 x Barndoor and up to 58 "snowflake" deluxe short kick panels
1 x Hella r5 k 1221 reflector
1 x Petri "sun and moon" black horn button
1 x Rosenthal Bud Vase